Form Description
Academic Schedule Modification Request Request for NMSU main campus college or department representatives to add, drop, or change courses.
Active Duty Foreign Military Waiver Request for Non-US Active Duty Military to receive in-state tuition.
Adjusted Credit Option Form Request for the one-time option of having a NMSU permanent academic record adjusted.
Application and Certification for Establishing Credit by Examination Request to receive credit for a course that the student feels proficient in, with required approvals.
Change of Schedule Form Form to administer a schedule change (Formerly the “Add/Drop Slip”).
Demographic Change Form Form to request an update of Legal Name, Social Security Number, or Gender.
FERPA Release / Waiver of Right to Privacy Authorization for a student to release educational records to outside persons or entities.
No Release of Information Objection of currently enrolled students to release of directory information to ANY public entity or being.
Out of Cycle Degree Audit Change Request for Out of Cycle Degree Audit Change.
Petition for NM Resident Tuition Classification Application packet to petition for NM resident tuition.
Petition for Medical Withdrawal Request to withdraw based on medical conditions for student or immediate family member of a student.
Resident Tuition Application for Active Military,
Veterans, and Dependents of the US Armed Forces
Request for Active Duty Military, Reserves, New Mexico National Guard, Veterans and Dependents to receive in-state tuition.
Senior Citizen Waiver Request for the NM Senior Citizen Reduced Tuition Program.
Solomon Act Request Official military branches request to obtain student directory information.
Veteran Waiver Request for Veterans and Active Duty US Armed Forces to receive in-state tuition.