Grade Reporting FAQ

I want to pull my grades from Canvas into Banner. How do I do that?

  • Check out the Canvas FAQ. Once your grades are pulled from Canvas into Banner, you can review and change grades, and then submit them through your Faculty Tab within myNMSU.

Where can I get help on entering my grades?

I can’t find the current term on my faculty tab.

  • After you log on to MyNMSU, click on the Faculty tab which is located on the top right hand side of the page and then click on Final Grades under the Faculty bullet.  On the Select Term page, make sure to change the term to current term as Banner defaults to another term automatically, and then click the Submit button.  Once you click on the correct CRN selection, you will then have access to your class lists for the semester.

One or more of my classes isn’t on the drop down list under my Faculty tab.

  • Did you select the correct term? If you did, then you have not been assigned as the instructor of the course that is missing from the drop down list.  Please submit a Academic Schedule Modification Request at  to  Academic Scheduling in the Registrar’s Office.

Do I have to enter all my grades at once?

  • You can enter/change grades from the time grading is opened up until it closes. However, once grading closes at 5 p.m. Mountain Time on the Tuesday following finals week, you’ll need to fill out a Change of Grade/Removal of Incomplete Form for every student who is missing grades or for every student who is needing a grade change.  The form is now available online on MyNMSU under the Faculty Tab.

Some students already have a Last Date of Attendance even though I haven’t started entering final grades.

  • You entered those dates when you entered midterm grades . You can either delete or change the Last Date of Attendance, as appropriate.

One of my students is not showing up on the class list.

  • The student is not officially registered in the class.  The Registrar’s Office will need a Retroactive Registration form to register the student before you can issue a grade.

I can’t enter a grade for a student who withdrew from my class. The final grade form says the “Not Gradable.”

  • You don’t have to enter grades to students who have officially withdrawn from a class or from the university.  They already have a grade of “W” recorded in Banner.

What information do I need to enter if a student doesn’t pass?

  • If you assign a non-passing grade (“F,” “U,” or “RR”), you must also enter a last date of attendance. This should be that last academic-related activity the student took part in-a test, homework, participation in an online discussion, etc.
  • If you enter a non-passing grade without a last date of attendance, you will get the following error messages and note that none of your final grades will be saved.

Your grade submissions have been rejected.

A last attendance date is required for the following grade code(s): F. Please insert a

last date of attendance and resubmit your grades.

  • Please be aware that Banner will not take the date unless you use the correct format-mm/dd/yyyy. So for example, April 1 must be entered as 04/01/2015.  Any other format will cause an error message about the date format.

This student never attended a class.

  • If a student is registered but never attended, please enter the first day of class as the last day of attendance.  In addition, please enter 0 in the Attend Hours field as the financial aid rules for students who never attended are different from those students who attended the first day of class only.

Do I need to enter a Last Attend Date and Attend Hours for all students?

  • No, you only need to enter a Last Attendance Date if a student has a non-passing grade and you only need to enter the Attend Hours for a student who never attended a class.

How will I know if my grades were submitted successfully?

  • When you submit grades, and there are no problems, the following message should appear at the top of the grade list:

The changes you made were saved successfully!

  • To double check that the grades that been entered were saved successfully,click on the Faculty tab, Final Grades, select the term , and then the CRN.

How can I print my class list after I enter the grades?

  • You can print out the Final Grades page or the Summary Class List by selecting the link at bottom right hand side of the page. There will be about 50 students per page. If you have more than 50 students in your class, you will have to print out each “record set” of 50 students.

My Graduate student finished this semester, but I don’t have a option of a grade of “S.”

  • You should enter a PR as the final grade the Registrar’s Office will add the final grade of “S” or “U” when we receive the Final Thesis Dissertation Grade Slip from the Graduate School.

I need to change a grade for a student, but I can’t change it online.

  • You can make changes to grades before grading closes, but once grading has closed, you will  need to fill out a Change of Grade/Removal of Incomplete Form. The form is available online on MyNMSU under the Faculty Tab.

I didn’t get my grades for one class entered before the deadline.  Can I just send a spreadsheet of the grades?

  • No, You’ll need to fill out a Change of Grade/Removal of Incomplete Form for each student in the class.